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"From Barn to House"

Hooked by student Norita Blue. Custom pattern drawn from a photograph I had taken on site.

An original pattern drawn and hooked by Deborah Fabi and started during one of my classes in Ontario. Amazing!

Dad's Accordion

Dad's Accordion Drawn by myself and Hooked by Norita Blue Made Celebrations 30 as an Honorable Mention! Great job Norita!!!

"Wheel" Betty Calvert took this photograph, drew the pattern and started this piece in a "close up" class at Ragg Tyme Rug School at the College of Niagara.

Designed by Jane Flynn Hooked by Becky Saylor

Newfoundland Rocks

"Newfoundland Rocks" I drew this custom pattern from a photo taken by student Arlene Phillips. (Puget Sound Rug School)

I drew this pattern for student Barb Yeargin. Barb had been hooking less than a year when she started this piece at Puget Sound Rug School - 2019

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