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As a McGown and OHCG (Ontario Hooking Craft Guild) accredited teacher, I am experienced in a variety of cuts and styles. In addition to being a former Director of the Southern McGown Teachers' Workshop (Ripley, WV), I have also been a long time, active member in several local Ohio rug hooking groups including the Buckeye Rug Hooking Guild. I am a long time member of ATHA, OHCG and OHCG Teachers' Branch and the National Guild of Pearl K. McGown Hookcrafters. My work has received awards at National exhibits and appeared in Celebrations XXV and 26.  And...Celebrations 34!

I teach a monthly class and one-day workshops from my home based studio, Village Rim Rug Hooking. I also teach at week-long schools and workshops in both the United States and Canada.  Currently cutting back to stay closer to home.

Check out my 2024 schedule under "Upcoming Classes".    

Oriental+Powell+Linda+Backistan+Ragg Tyme+ front+self+41x27.jpeg

Blue Ribbon winners
Ontario Hook Crafters Guild
Annual 2021
Fall Footstool (Honey Bee Hive) &
Backistan (designer Ingrid Heironimus)

Fairy Tale Project  
"Cinderella with Birds" Currently part of the McGown traveling Fairy Tale Project. See the Honey Bee Hive Rug Hooking website for dates and locations for 2024
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